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Graduate from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Julia has always been a 'jack of all trades' and followed her art degree with a science one. She is excited to pursue and focus more on new collections of art.  Her interest and talents span a wide variety of art; from paintings, to pumpkin carving, to anatomical studies of animals, and laser engraving.

Julia was thrilled to be featured as a pumpkin carver for Food Networks 'Halloween Wars' in 2022 and is so excited to expand on more pumpkin creations and teachings.

Julia is also excited to work at anime and comic conventions featuring her hand made wood engraved pins, and prints to keep her comic nerd side happy. 

If not 'arting', she works full time as a licensed vet technician (nurse) in an exclusive exotic animal hospital as well as an emergency hospital. She loves to hike, and spend time with her animals. 


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